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[Commission] Taming a Goddess

[center]Many of the tribes on the island of Ark seek to control the Goddess Aziza's power, but only those with the most bountiful supplies of food will succeed. Taking a staggeringly long time to tame with thousands of pounds of food, only the truly dedicated could hope to subdue the Spinosaurus Goddess.

Assuming she doesn't get bored and wander off in search of another tribes bountiful cache of food![/center]

A fatty picture of Aziza with a bit of a Ark taming joke to go alongside it.

Aziza © DuoVandal
Artwork © by Artisipancake…

[Commission] Aziza of the Nile
Ancient Egyptian scripture speaks of a long lost deity belonging to the Nile River. The deity was described as being a massive crocodilian like creature with powerful legs, ornate claws, a long snout and tail, round belly, and a massive sail on it's back. It is believe the deity was actually a rediscovered Spinosaurus aegyptiacus that had survived along the Nile River. But it's massive size and it's preoccupation with fishing in the Nile gained it respect as a living God. The deity was called Aziza, and she brought prosperity to fisherman, and bountiful harvests to those that lived by the Nile. She was named to be the Matron Deity to Sobek. While Sobek provided fertility, Aziza offered gluttony. Her wealth of fishing and harvest led many to grow fat and prosperous. Her name has since then been lost to the sands after the only living spinosaurus the Egyptians encountered had passed and was mummified in it's own remote tomb, there all the history of the deity remained buried.

Aziza is described as a spinosaurus being with human-like characteristics. She is often visualized wearing ancient wealthy Egyptian clothing and eye makeup. Her fingers, toes, ears, and even the spines on her sail, are adorned with jewelry and gold inscribed rings. She has a shapely figure, sporting a wide pair of hips and a round belly along with a long thick tail. Her feet are often bare and webbed, with jewelry adorning each individual toe at the base of her claws. Her scales are often a sandy or muddy brown with hints of some orange along her midsection and on her sail. Her sail which is composed of the spines in her back, have a thin layer of scaly skin covering them and on occasions, she can collapse her sail at will should she desire to recline on her back.

Name: Aziza (Ah-zee-zaa)
Titles: Matron Deity of Sobek, Deity of Fishing, Good Fortune, Harvests, and Gluttony.

Artwork by Firekeeper77 :iconkagewolf77:
Aziza belongs to DuoVandal
[Gift] Tummy Tuesday Tauren

This was a very sudden gift from Sugarboy on Furaffinity who drew my Tauren Dawnsky over a picture of one of my Tummy Tuesday posts on Twitter! I think it's fairly obvious that Dawnsky and I share a similar body type! <3

Artwork by Sugarboy
Dawnsky belongs to me.



United States
Now that my first College course is done and I can start working on art. So soon I'll be uploading some work eventually.

Mostly college stuff possibly before I start working on my own stuff.
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